Why do 90% of nonprofit organizations fail and the rest fight everyday to survive?

If these nonprofits are working to benefit human or environmental causes....



Successful Strategies from Big Brands to Nonprofits

For more than 12 years, we have served big companies and businesses with outstanding strategies and results. Now we bring the same models to the nonprofit sector to help them achieve their goals.

Technology to Benefit Humanity

We use the top business tech stacks to help nonprofits automate their operations and reach their growth goals.

"Helping you to drive impact where it matters!"

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We use the latest neuromarketing, storytelling, viral content and digital solutions together with the best flavor of science to achieve effective plans.


Your success is our guarantee. We work hard to focus every solution toward concrete goals in to help you grow exponentially.

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With a background in marketing and advertising and a passion for operations, we bring comprehensive solutions to complex problems.

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We perform a Cost Analysis to save you money, increase your profit margins and create proven demonstrable growth for your company.

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We design creative solutions utilizing the latest third-party programs to save you time and energy. When the solution doesn't exist, we build it.

Improve Culture

At the heart of every thriving business is a positive culture. We work to improve culture using several strategic psychotherapy approaches.

Go Digital

We can all agree that the internet is today's business real estate market. If your business was impacted by COVID-19, you need to get on board.

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A brief look at some testimonials we have received from our customers

I have learned through Invenst Labs to be adaptable and their advice and counsel has meant a tremendous deal to my company. Without them, I’d hate to think where I might be.
Their innovative methods and guidelines have lead us to create a successful and sustainable business.
Invenst Labs is certainly one of those companies I use when I want to invest in a company. Their advice so far was professional, relevant and had a quick turn around time. Thanks!
Manuel McGrinson
Manuel McGrinson
I highly recommend anyone who is looking to take their business to the next level to use these services! They are knowledgeable, committed, personable and thorough!
George Harrison
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  • The Joshua Wave Joshua Wave
  • Rueda Verde
  • 3 for Three

We helped to build an online platform where homeless individuals can freely access resources that will help them to improve their skill sets and find quality careers, whether in person or via remote freelancing contracts. Through strategic organizational and technical approaches we helped scale this nonprofit from 5 volunteer board members to 35 remote volunteers with low overhead, and donation acceptance via online revenue streams. We also helped with their video.

Our latest acquisition SMASH MEDIA created the impact project; “No more abandoned tires” for the brand RUEDA VERDE. This successful 360` cross-media campaign inspired us on working with nonprofits for environmental benefit by using alternate media combined with digital marketing, neuromarketing and viral content creation. We achieve the goals and reach to 4.200 abandoned tires processed. This campaign was a finalist in 2 international marketing festivals and media presence. Watch the video here. 

Concept and production by SMASH MEDIA.

We developed the website, marketing materials including this video as well as the operational infrastructure to accomplish the nonprofit organization's 3-part goals.