Why do 90% of nonprofit organizations fail and the rest fight everyday to survive?

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Nonprofit organizations are treated as charities for the audience and government alike.

The money they receive is perceived as a handout, which is why they are not able

to perform well in generating resources to achieve their grand goals.

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both nonprofits and impact organizations.

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For more than 12 years, we have served big companies and businesses with outstanding strategies and results. Now we bring the same models to the nonprofit sector to help

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Our latest acquisition SMASH MEDIA created the impact project; “No more abandoned tires” for the brand RUEDA VERDE. This successful 360` cross-media campaign inspired us on working with nonprofits for environmental benefit by using alternate media combined with digital marketing, neuromarketing and viral content creation. We achieve the goals and reach to 4.200 abandoned tires processed. This campaign was a finalist in 2 international marketing festivals and media presence.

by SMASH MEDIA, our latest acquisition

We partnered with PHD agency in order to create a brand experience for Warner Channel that allows people to feel part of the crew of their favorite Warner Channel series by using a live photo shoot and editing that will be sent viral for the people in their own social media. This tactic innovative experience allowed us to spread the word about the Emmy Awards live broadcasting.

by SMASH MEDIA for PHD Colombia who managed the brand Warner TV



A media strategy mixing Instagram and printed magazines to help Visa interact with its customers in a fun and enjoyable way. People were asked to tag #instavisa with their Instagram pictures to share their lovely moments purchased with Visa card. To meet this campaign with amazing success, emails, social media, print media and mobile were used as channels creating 4 times greater interaction and 6% more Visa transactions.

by Jorge tellez on the innovation team of PHD Colombia

Along with our highly professional and experienced employees, we worked with Honda Motors to create two experience video series for them to release a Honda motorcycle in Colombia and creating a powerful test drive experience event racing, so people knew the product and created a communication channel with the brand. You can watch the videos down below:

by Jorge tellez on the innovation team of PHD Colombia



HP is always looking for new ways to capture the audience in all the events they participate, that is why our Head of Innovation, as part of the team of PHD, created a series of technology and virtual reality experiences that merged the best of the brand’s equipment with art and color in a powerful way for the Event “Innovation Day 2015”. People were able to understand the benefits of HP’s technology and be surprised in an immersive, fun activity of volume mapping and live video rendering.

by Jorge tellez on the innovation team of PHD Colombia

Inside of PHD agency, Jorge Tellez, our head of innovation, worked in a campaign to advertise and enlarge Something Special Scotch brand’s market by mixing content with btl strategy. The idea was to troll the World Cup by telling people the cons of attending the World Cup and asking them to watch our webisodes inviting them to extract the codes from our bottles and win a chance to go to the winning country along with four friends. The campaign was a huge success that only in two months they got 60,000 units sold and a 16% increase in additional units produced.

by Jorge tellez on the innovation team of PHD Colombia



In this video, we showcase all the work in video content production, mixed media strategies and innovation experiences for wealthy brands such as VISA, HP, Honda, Avianca, Nike, and others. We built some of the ideas from scratch from complex briefs and the others according to creative agencies such as Sancho, Phd and Omd paths, but in all cases, we helped them in boosting their sales and generate impressive results.

by SMASH MEDIA, our latest acquisition

This project was aimed at bringing innovation in Colombian radio through working with leading electronic music DJs by mixing radio and btl experiences. This was done through creating an app and inviting people through radio show to create their own music leading to a winner who explored the ABSOLUT DJ senses. The results were also ABSOLUT stunning – increasing sales and Twitter following.

by Jorge tellez on the innovation team of PHD Colombia



A 25 second TV spot Commercial for Sportline America that allowed the brand to advertise and promote their products with high quality animation. We found a way to connect the concept of Christmas season and the whole set of products from the client in a relevant and catchy way of their final customer and drive them to their 120 stores in Latin america.

by SMASH MEDIA, our innovation and value department.

Teamed with PHD, we created a challenge for the top DJs in Colombia to record a radio slot ad inside the attraction by using high sound recording technology to catch the real feel of it. We also created video content of each, so the DJs chagenlled each other for the best reactions. The video with the best interactions would win tickets for their audience to test the attraction. The audience enjoyed a disruptive way to get their attention and achieving the marketing goal.

by Jorge tellez on the innovation team of PHD Colombia

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