Decentralizing Virtual Companies

At Invenst Labs, we believe that reinforcing a positive culture and employing global teams that work independently and autonomously of each other increase the ability to build products that deliver value to our customers.


We are building a global community of connected individuals who collaborate effeciently to plan, launch, and manage Decentralized Virtual Companies online.


To equip individuals with the tools to build flourishing virtual companies.


Within the next decade, we plan to innovate across three brand new segments in our brand combining Artificial Intelligence, Quantum Computing and Virtual Reality to bring collaboration to an entirely new level.

What we’re working on


A freelancer marketplace catered to individuals seeking to start a career in freelancing, build upon their skill sets and expand their horizons.

Coming Soon

The Trusty Businessman

Helping individuals to learn the ropes of starting online companies, sharing best practices and unveiling the tools we utilize in our day-to-day operations.


Drop Shipping Ecommerce

We are partnering with artists all over the world to showcase their work on products that we sell to increase their passive income. Are you an artist? Come partner with us!


My Town News

We’re partnering with Meadia Labs and Parabolt to connect the world with quality, decentralized local news. 

Coming Soon

Our Team

We are team of highly-intuitive and forward-thinking individuals who have been working together for our 4 years. Each of us are interested in future tech, and collectively, we aspire to change the world.

Joshua Aguirre

Head of Operations &
CEO of GigNext

Praveen M.S.

Director of Design

Jeremy Ingraham

Technical Advisor &
CTO of GigNex

Nicolas Vinzon

Assistant Operations Manager &
COO of GigNex

Amanda Tellez

Social Media Assistant

Jeremy Aguirre

Operational Innovator

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