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September 30th, 6pm in Charlotte, NC at WeWork

*Seats are limited!


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  • Increased Profit through the COVID
  • Improved Conversion Rate from 1% to 5% on an E-Commerce website
  • Built an automated supplier tool to reduce logistics cost and increase margins

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Joshua Aguirre speaker

Improve Culture

By cultivating a culture that drives organizational growth, team members will naturally improve your product and increase your sales. Stay tuned for our workshops on culture.

Increase Sales

This workshop focuses on how to increase sales in your organization through a crisis. We are focused on analyzing your PMF and innovating your product or service to exist in a digital world.


Agile Innovation is the key to surviving and thriving in an ever-changing climate. Stay tuned for our workshops on innovation.

Your Fears

COVID is destroying businesses at a rapid rate

Sales are declining

How do I go digital

What We Cover

Learn how to pivot your business

Increase sales through a crisis

Improve ROI in a digital future

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YES, this is a COMPLETELY FREE event. No sales pitch, just a workshop to help you improve your business and we will be asking for your feedback before and after the event so that we can improve our process for future events. 

Unfortunately, this is an in-person event only but future workshops will be available online as well.

In short, maybe. It depends on the number of people we have attending because we need to limit our capacity due to social distancing rules.

Masks are required to enter our building and they can be made available upon ADVANCED request.

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