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A community to help people with ideas, Invenst Team is a precursor to our larger platform, launching in the coming months. The purpose of Invenst Team was to gauge user issues, provide free and direct business consultation to entrepreneurs and business owners alike. If youʼd like to become a volunteer moderator of our Invenst Team community, please contact us.

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The product that launched all our inspiration, Invenst is a platform built for entrepreneurs, freelancers and investors. It is a means of joining several online services that just donʼt seem to meet their usersʼ needs. We strongly believe in customer-centered design, focusing on UX and functionality above all. Our goal in building Invenst is to provide a platform that helps the little guy become the big guy while offering features and benefits for the already existing big guys. Itʼs a self-sustaining platform. If youʼd like to be apart of the Invenst team, please reach out here.

What we believe

Our Mission is to provide entrepreneurs all the tools they need to turn their idea into a business for free. We believe in helping the little guy. We believe that through encouraging and supporting entrepreneurs to pursue their passions, it will ultimately lead to massive global change. Our Vision is to create global community of entrepreneurs, freelancers, and investors that collaborate effectively in order to develop, build, fund and scale their businesses. We provide our users with customer-centered design and functionality and firmly believe in building our products around our customersʼ needs. Basically, we do what we do because we love helping people.

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About Us

We pride ourselves on our ability to collaborate effectively with a combined effort to help our customers reach their end goal. Weʼre passionate about helping people in every facet of their business from idea to conceptualization, all the way to scaling and market penetration.

The Team

Invenst Labs is a diverse team of entrepreneurs and freelancers alike who are based all around the world from New York to Argentina and India. Weʼre constantly seeking out fresh new talent to join our team. If youʼre passionate about helping people and would like more information about joining our team, please reach out below.

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